New version of VXpipe installation kit

We have now received a new batch of VXpipes including a new version of the installation kit.

This kit includes a newly developed turbo-rotator which makes sure that the drain water from the shower enters the VXpipe with a rotating motion, and avoids it to fall through the pipe without touching the copper walls.
In the previous version of the kit this was accomplished by means of a Y-piece on top of VXpipe where a combination of two 45o elbows were inserted in its side connection (see also the picture below). Altough this provides more flexibility in the connection to the shower drain, it adds quite a bit of installation height.

The picture to the right shows both the ‘old’ solution (below) and the new rotator (top) mounted on a VXpipe 1700. The reduction in the required installation height depends a bit on the top and bottom drain connections (horizontal or vertical), but is around 10-15cm. The total height of the VXpipe 1700 including the rotator and a 90o elbow on the bottom amounts to 192cm.
The new kit will work on all VXpipe versions (1700, 2015 and HF). Note that is does not include the valve and the brass connectors for the cold water that are part of the original kit.
The new kit can be ordered here.