The water used for showering still contains a lot of energy when it flows down the drain. A lot of this energy can be recovered by using a heat exchanger. This saves energy and money. The principle is known as ‘Waste Water Heat Recovery’ (WWHR). WWHR products for use in households, hotels, other business or institutions are readily available.
The concept is not yet well known in Norway, and that is something we in Meander Heat Recovery would like to change.

With high energy prices, more and more focus on CO2 emissions and climate change it is about time that heat recovery from shower is introduced on a large scale.
Our goal is to promote the use of WWHR by offering products for the Norwegian marked and by providing information about WWHR to privat persons, installers and other interested parties.

Our vision is a large scale introduction of WWHR for showers. Every shower its own heat exchanger!

Do not throw your money down the drain!
Use a heat exchanger for your shower!