Performance testing of Miljødusj DWHR unit

The Miljødusj DWHR unit has been on the Norwegian market since 2008. The concept is the same as for our HeatSnagger: a DWHR unit intended to be placed under a showercabinet. The units are produced by SUP Technology in the Czech Republic and are sold in Norway through a webshop .
We were very interested how the performance of Miljødusj compares to our HeatSnagger, so we obtained a used unit, opened it, cleaned it and put it to the test in our lab.
As with the HeatSnagger, we measured the temperature rise of the cold water in a balanced flow setup (dTcold). From these numbers we calculated the power of the heat exchanger (Phe).
The curves compare the Miljødusj performance with HeatSnagger (HS) for both the temperature rise and power versus water flow.
It turns out that the curves are virtually on top of each other, meaning that the performances of Miljødusj and HeatSnagger are pretty much the same.