Receives Pangea environmental prize for home efficiency


Svein Medhus, one of the owners of Meander Heat Recovery, received April 6th the Pangea enviromental  prize for having improved the energy efficiency of his family home. The prize of NOK 25.000,-  (about USD 5.000) was presented to Svein by Fredric Hauge at Bellona in Oslo:
“Individuals that stand out and take the initiative to show others how to save energy are the heroes of our time. Svein shares his energy saving home improvements on his blog Urge 4 less energy use, he has also been innovative and made a new drain water heat recovery unit for the family shower cabinet»  

The prize money will be invested in further test and development of drain water heat recovery units at Meander Heat Recovery. (Photo: Andreas Kokkvoll Tveit / Bellona)