Dec 072017

Making your house more energy efficient can be tough when you also try to conserve the look of a house from 1936. The use of g drain water heat recovery products can be very useful to achieve your cost and energy saving goals.
A number of municipalities in Norway offer free energy saving consultancy services to their inhabitants in the form of a home visit and a report.

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May 192015

We have recently made some adjustments to the milling program at Ny Plast and are delighted to receive another batch of HeatSnagger enclosures. This will cut production time and we will be able to have shorter delivery times. Most every unit the last half year has been exported.

HeatSnagger improved milling

Dec 012013

In the course of 2012 and 2013 we have sold most of the Heatsnaggers from our first series. Due to the increasing interest in our simple and cheap DWHR unit for shower, we decided to order parts for a new batch. These include the vacuum formed parts for the mainbody and the lid, the pipe assembly and same small parts like screws and special glue. All these parts arrived from our suppliers the last weeks, and we started production. These new units will be sold in our webshop and through our distributors.

We have also received test documentation from our pipe supplier. The pipes have a maximum operating pressure of 40 bar (580 psi), and are all pressure tested to 35 bar (508 psi) . Two units were actually tested until they bursted. That was at a pressure of 223 bar (3234 psi)!



Feb 092013

ASV solar energisenter  viser frem VXpipe, HXdrain og HeatSnagger

ASV Solar in Holmestrand Norway  is setting up a showroom for our drain water heat recovery products. They are adding new products to their Energy Center where you are welcome to see their solar collectors and now also a range of other energy saving products. You may also buy our products here. If you are passing by on E-18 it is only a short detour to visit ASV Solar at Bentsrudveien 8.

Nov 112012

HXdran with inside heat exchanger shownAt the fair October 17-19 we where showing VXpipe, HXdrain and HeatSnagger. This is the first time such a range of drain water heat recovery products have been shown at this biannual fair in Norway. We had a lot of visits to our stand. The HeatSnagger is an eye catcher, but most professionals want maximum performance and where impressed with the possibility to recover about half of the energy when showering using  the VXpipe or HXdrain. VXpipe is an established product with many thousand units sold in Europe, and has a competitive price tag.  HXdrain is a newer product and currently more expensive, but we got the best  press coverage for the HXdrain (Norwegian).